About Vertical Generation

our mission

To share the invaluable experience and culture of rock climbing along with the love for the outdoors with youth who otherwise may never have the opportunity.

Vertical Generation is a Seattle-based 501c3 nonprofit project that promotes a growing generation of diverse climbers who are passionate about both their community and the outdoors. We provide underserved, low-income youth the opportunity to be part of the rock climbing community, where they can learn invaluable skills of problem solving, self-determination, physical and mental awareness, and positive support. By developing their skills via indoor gyms they’re prepared for outdoor climbing excursions, where they experience the life and exhilaration of the outdoors to become stewards of the environment.

our basic model

We acknowledge not everyone will want to pursue a future in climbing, but we believe climbing and its community has the potential to make a difference from a simple fun activity to a deeper sense of purpose and lifestyle. Our model is simple: each month we bring in a new group of kids 6-12th grade to partnered gyms to show them a fun rock climbing experience filled with climbing, games, food, and community building. Those who enjoyed the experience and want to further their climbing careers can sign up with our Stonemasters mentor program where we pair up kids and volunteer mentors to coordinate times to climb on a regular basis. Seasonally we take the Stonemasters on outdoor climbing and camping excursions where they can apply their climbing skills outside and develop a connection to nature. Our goal is to enrich our climbing community, advocate environmental awareness, and share the privilege of climbing and the outdoors with those who otherwise may never have the opportunity.

our programs & campaigns

Movement Events – Monthly gym sessions with varying youth agencies to get a wide coverage of kids to experience climbing and give them the opportunity to continue their climbing careers.

Seasonal Outdoor Climbing & Camping Excursions – We bring kids out camping and climbing to experience the outdoors with friends to apply their climbing skills and foster a connection with nature to become stewards of the environment.

Stonemasters Mentorship – We match kids with volunteer climbing mentors to develop positive lasting relationships, experience benefits of the climbing community, and deepen their interests in climbing.

Place-based Education – Field trip opportunities integrated into school curriculums (ie environmental education, geology, etc.) to show kids rock climbing and eliminate the overhead of planning and budgets for teachers.

Community Potluck Dinners – Potluck dinners with volunteers, youth and families to strengthen community relationships.

Monthly fundraisers – Promote our programs to the general climbing community, raise funds, recruit volunteers, and provide food/drinks/prizes.

Recycle & Resole – Work with resolers to get donated shoes in good condition and provide to kids in the Stonemasters program and outdoor trips.

UNDERawareness Heroes – (Fun)draising event to spread awareness of how climbing and the outdoors are a privilege that requires resources that many youth don’t have.