Wing Luke Movement Event group

Wing Luke Movement Event (6/17)

Here’s a great recap of our event from one of our awesome Movement Team Leaders, Ryan Casella (aka “Scruffy”):

Wing Luke Movement Event stretching

Another SBP day in the books! Volunteers were stoked to climb with Wing Luke Elementary students and their family members from Emily’s (also known as Ms. Wetzel) third grade class. For most of the kids, it wasn’t their first time climbing so they knew the drill.

Wing Luke Movement Event ice breakers

We started off getting to know each other while doing some stretching and munching on Kind bars. Planks and push-ups seemed to be very popular! After Jorge gave an awesome safety talk, everyone was warmed up and ready to get climbing.

Wing Luke Movement Event topping out

These students had so much energy and enthusiasm for bouldering! There were lots of walls to explore and jumping off any sort of platform onto the mats was the main attraction and challenge. Seeing kids helping their peers and siblings was a treat to watch. Everyone was encouraging and any sort of fear of heights dissipated pretty quickly!

Wing Luke Movement Event climbing

Volunteers passed out some Friction Labs chalk. This was much needed as we climbed in other steeper areas upstairs. It was a solid night of having fun, being creative, climbing, playing and laughing.

Wing Luke Movement Event chalk up

Humble Pie graciously provided some wood fired pizza. We ended the evening with full stomachs and tired arms. Big thank you to SBP for hosting the event, and all the volunteers for making this happen.

Wing Luke Movement Event snacks

Seattle Bouldering Project

Humble Pie 

Nature’s Bakery

Clean Bottle

KIND Snacks

Friction Labs

Power Practical